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Тема: Смена фамилии и подача на супружескую визу (продление)

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    moving to UK

    По умолчанию Смена фамилии и подача на супружескую визу (продление)

    Доброго времени суток.

    У супруги в январе заканчивается текущая виза и необходимо подать на продление. Мы бы хотели сменить ей фамилию в паспорте (на фамилию мужа). Она может поехать в Украину и поменяет загран паспорт.

    Такой вопрос. Можно ли подавать на продление супружеской визы без предварительной замены BRP на новую фамилию.

    согласно правилам - изменения в BRP должны быть внесены в течении 90 дней (https://www.gov.uk/change-circumstances-visa-brp).

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    moving to UK

    По умолчанию

    На случай если кому то пригодиться:

    Thank you for your enquiry dated 19 June about applying for a new visa and
    changing your surname.

    If you apply for your new visa in your old name, and then get a new
    passport, you would need to then apply for a replacement BRP in your new
    name to match your new passport.

    If you apply for your new passport and then use this new passport for your
    spouse visa application, we would take note of the change of name at this
    time. It would therefore appear that the second process would be the most
    convenient as it would only require one application to the Home Office.

    When you have your new passport, as a BRP holder you would have to inform
    us within 3 months, so please make sure you make your spouse visa
    application within this time.

    I will not be able to address your concerns about your re-entry to the UK
    when you have your new passport. Border Force staff based at ports of
    entry, decide whether to grant entry to a person arriving into the United
    Kingdom through immigration control. This is done at the time of arrival
    on a case by case basis. We cannot advise on a case in advance of that
    Please be informed that when entering or re-entering the UK, a foreign
    national will be required to show a valid visa allowing them entry to the
    UK, if applicable. You will also need evidence to prove that you are
    entering or re-entering for the same purpose as on the visa.
    For further assistance in regards to border control please see the below
    Please note the onus is upon individual customers to ensure that they
    satisfy the requirements set out in the guidance material. The guidance
    material accompanies each and every application form. UK Visas and
    Immigration is not able to give, indicate or advise upon the outcome of
    any such application prior to it being given full and careful

    Directing you to the guidance material is the only advice we can give you.
    If you need any further help you should seek independent immigration
    advice. Immigration advisers can help you with immigration matters,
    including completion of forms and representing you at a tribunal. The
    Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) regulates
    immigration advisers, which mean they must meet certain standards.
    Please see the below link to find an immigration adviser:
    Yours Faithfully,
    Alex Venkman
    UKVI Contact Centre

    UKVI Contact Centre

    Website: [3]www.gov.uk/home-office



    Visible links
    1. Click to follow link: https://www.gov.uk/uk-border-control
    2. Click to follow link: https://www.gov.uk/find-an-immigration-a...
    3. http://www.gov.uk/home-office

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