Просмотр полной версии : собака в хорошие руки

23.10.2002, 12:46
Я токо посредник :) так что ... Объявление у нас на работе:

I'm looking for a good home for an 8-month old Rough Collie bitch
(like "Lassie" but white, brown and black).

Abby is very affectionate but sensitive and needs to be with a
family with older kids, where she gets plenty of exercise.

She has an excellent pedigree, has done her "basic training", is
house and lead trained. She's also up-to-date on her inoculations.

Sadly, she needs re-homing, due to her over-playful interaction
with our very young son.

If anybody is interested in re-homing Abby or knows somebody
who may be, please contact me.

контактируйте, если есть реальная возможность взять собаку!